Clever CPS Click calculator

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Clever CPS Click calculator

Clever CPS Click score counter

CPS calculator, sited at the is an attractive free click counter. It calculates the number of clicks on the gaming mouse in a definite time period - from one second to a minute, optional. The offered CPS test is available on the Go to the proposed url and read more about this fascinating counting service.

How to use the CPS calculator for the first time?

If you are a newcomer, use a simple algorithm. To begin with, you need to go to website and find out the black button click here . The desired link with url were showed above. Here you may also know more - read some recommendations and advice from the project’s developers.  • Pick the desired time span - 1, 2, 3 seconds or a minute, as desired.  • Press the black button, placed under the calculator itself. Please, don't stop pushing this button after the first touch. Strive to do your best in order to be pleased with at the excellent score.  • Keep an eye on your time by examining the remaining time score counter periodically.  • Discover your CPS score result when the set time has expired.  • Offer your friends or nearest and dearest to take part in this hilarious competition to see who is the most rapid and most nimble.

So, don’t doubt, go to site and initiate checking your CPS speed right now! Show your nickname to later trace your status and serial number in the rating of the best clickers. Do you want to know more [click here]

Why should I use this CPS score counter service?

The score counter platform is a site where you may compete with your relatives, have some fun, check out dexterity, train your finger motor skills. This url is a perfect find for all gamers, especially those who prefer dynamic, stirring games - action, shooters, horrors. We recommend to use this service because of its easy-to-use interface, straightforward rules of use and free access for everyone. Pushing the gaming mouse will help you improve motor skills, scale your reaction rate, just hang out.

Before trying the CPS test, it is advisable to convince that your web connection is stable, otherwise the results will not be noted down. It is also important to make sure that your gaming mouse is connected to your PC or laptop and copes with its option, otherwise malfunctions in it can also have a negative impact on the CPS test outcome. The best click players are included in the top 100 fastest clickers. At any minute you can look through the results of other clickers and try to grow one of the best, or rather the most prompt. Apply this calculator not only to perfect your gamer possibilities, but also just to decrease stress and relax a little.